Go broke

When I was younger, I made a lot of money for a 16-year-old. For an optimistic and fiery kid, this was a huge blessing. I already believed great things were possible, but when I made over 30k I saw they were first hand. However, it fuelled my ego to maximum levels.

I thought I was great, I discounted luck.

I looked down on people who were poor, thinking it was so easy to make money, thinking everything was black and white, that I was in control.

Shortly after I went broke. I found myself isolated in a rural German town, eating rice and salt because that’s the only food that was in the cupboards of the house I was staying in.

I would close the blinds to fill the room with darkness so I could sleep through the days because I didn’t even have enough money to get the train to college.

It was one of the worst experiences of my life, it turned me into a shadow.

I’m so grateful for it.

It humbled me, it showed me that no matter what you achieve or what you have. It can evaporate in the blink of an eye.

Be grateful for what you have, stay humble, and don’t judge other people because you don’t know their life events or circumstances that led them to where they are.

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