Jesse JUNE


Jesse June is a Nigerian Irish artist that grew up in Dublin but was raised by the world. Influenced by an eclectic array of artistic voices and flavours. Jesse June is an artist and a creator. He aims to convey his unique up bringing and perspective through his art. He also strives to inspire people who didn’t have anyone to give them a map or look up to. Shy but confident. Introspective. Driven. Eclectic. Curious. Prolific. 

Jesse June is an artist at his core.


  • The Crisis On Open Ocean

    ‘Crisis moments lead to existential openings that force us to grapple with the deepest questions about life’ – Andrew Taggart

  • Connect the dots

    Nothing interesting begins with knowing, it begins with not knowing

  • Pencil

    I held a wizard’s wand in my hand.

  • Go broke

    Shortly after I went broke. I found myself isolated in a rural German town, eating rice and salt because that’s the only food that was in the cupboards of the house I was staying in.