Talk, Talk, Talk


You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do – Henry Ford

How easy is talking? How easy is it to say you’ll do something compared to doing it?

Growing up I was heavily influenced by Kanye in many ways but one way was how he wasn’t afraid to speak. He wasn’t reluctant to big himself up. I adopted this mentality for a long time, thinking if I could talk as grandiosely as him, I’d be as great as him. Of course, copying how he spoke was the easiest thing to copy, not how hard he worked or how much time he put into his craft. Little did I know, Kanye is 1 in a million. I never thought of all the people who make claims just as big but never succeed. 

I have to be very delicate with how I write about this, especially now in a world of immense social media focus. If you aren’t telling the world what you’re doing it feels like you aren’t doing it. People get an idea and want to spray it online, they’re in the middle of working on something and can’t help but broadcast it to the world. The thought of being silent and unseen is almost unimaginable in this day and age. But silence is strength. 

Talkers aren’t doers and doers aren’t talkers

It wasn’t until I started to understand how talking too much was impeding my growth, I noticed a huge shift. When the only way I could prove or depict how serious I was about my goals was to do the work, it made me work harder. It’s incredible how little mental changes can make such a monumental difference. 

“Research shows that while visualisation is important, after a certain point the mind begins to confuse it with actual progress” 

This isn’t to say we should never speak. The power of words is tremendous, our voices should be used to uplift the people around us. To highlight injustices we may see. However, we should be careful about getting drunk on words that taste sweet. Words about what we’re going to do or how great we think we are. Be wary of announcing your plans, don’t explain yourself unless you have to is a great rule I say to myself lately. 

“Never give reasons for what you think or do until you must” – Ryan Holiday

People will try and pry your goals and aspirations out of you, try not to let them leak. Keep that energy inside you and let it build and bubble, then transfer it into what you want to do. Let your work and actions speak for themselves. 

This was inspired by ‘Ego Is The Enemy’ By Ryan Holiday

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