Stop being indecisive/Clarity

One of the best things I ever did was ask myself, “What are my values?”, “What is my purpose?” 

I used to describe myself as an indecisive person but when I answered these questions it made my life easier, more peaceful. When you’ve clarified what’s important to you, decisions become a breeze to make. If it doesn’t align with your core or your intentions, the decision is made. You stop caring about things that aren’t important to you because all your care is given to what is. 

Discovering what your purpose is isn’t easy, you may think something is your purpose and it might not be. The only way to find it is to try as many things as you can. What do you gravitate to, what are you better at than most people? Start there. 

Once you find it, you will hold onto it so tight, everything that isn’t important falls away. 

A meaningful life can be extremely satisfying even in the midst of Hardship whereas a meaningless life is a terrible ordeal no matter how comfortable it is. ‐Yuval Noah

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